Most Helpful Facts about Pulmonary Fellowship

Before you could become a pulmonologist, there are options for fellowship training you can choose from and hone your abilities, knowledge and skills in the industry. See today’s post to learn more about the important facts to remember about pulmonary fellowship.

Pulmonary Fellowship

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3 Choices for Fellowship Training in Pulmonary

  1. Combined pulmonary and critical care training programs, which require at least three years of training and at least 18 months of clinical training
  2. Pulmonary training programs, which require a 24-month fellowship training, and at least one year of clinical training
  3. Critical care training programs, which can be a year of clinical fellowship in critical care after completing another fellowship; it can also be two-year critical care fellowship; or it can be a completion of one year in clinical critical care fellowship

What are the requirements for pulmonary fellowship?

  • Official college, medical school transcripts and graduate school transcripts
  • Official records of the board scores (FLEX, NMBE…)
  • Program director letter; two letters of recommendation
  • CV
  • Pulmonary fellowship personal statement
  • ECFMG certificate, if a graduate from a school outside Canada or US
  • Three years of postgraduate training in a recognized or accredited internal medicine program in the US or Canada

Useful Tips in Writing

  1. Be brief
  2. Avoid restating your CV.
  3. Show enthusiasm and discipline.
  4. Demonstrate your spirit of inquiry.
  5. Discuss projects, reasons for joining, enjoying, etc.
  6. Show enthusiasm for this pursuit for education

What to avoid

  • Actual findings of the project, unless it has yet to be published
  • Approaches in ps that put you in less favorable light
  • Wrong grammar, awkward sentences

Top Pulmonary Schools

  1. John Hopkins School of Medicine: Main program is Doctor of Medicine (MD); relatively small medical school; high undergraduate GPA, 3.91
  2. UNC School of Medicine (Chapel Hill, North Carolina): Main program is Doctor of Medicine (MD); large medical school; typical undergraduate GPA 3.79
  3. UC San Diego School of Medicine (La Jolla, California): Main program is also Doctor of Medicine (MD); it is a relatively small medical school. It has high undergraduate GPA of 3.82.
  4. University of Wisconsin School of Medicine (Madison, Wisconsin): Top program is Doctor of Medicine (MD); high undergraduate GPA, 3.81; it is a very large medical school, 698 of total students

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